Episode 156 - Strange and Esoteric Short Horror Films

 156 - Strange and Esoteric Short Horror Films

Mickey's going solo this week to investigate some of the weirdest and most unique short horror films from throughout the history of cinema. Happy holidays! 

Here are the Letterboxd lists I used to help put this episode together: 

avant-garde horror by nathan smith 

Here are the links where you can watch every film discussed in this episode: 

The Red Spectre (YouTube)
1907, d. Segundo de Chomón 

Danse Macabre (YouTube)
1922, d. Dudley Murphy

Prelude (YouTube)
1927, Castleton Knight

Frank Stein (YouTube)
1972, d. Ivan Zuleta 

Satan Claus (Vimeo)
1975, d. J.X. Williams 

2011, d. Michael Robinson

Boo (YouTube)
1932, d. Albert DeMond

Doctor of Doom (YouTube)
1979, d. Tim Burton & Jerry Rees

1986, d. Michael Nesmith

Electric Flesh (YouTube)
1996, d. Eric Brummer

1982, d. Georges Schwizgebel

Ghost (YouTube)
1984, d. Takashi Ito 

Thunder (YouTube)
1982, d. Takashi Ito

Grim (YouTube)
1985, d. Takashi Ito

Ashes of Doom (YouTube)
1970, d. Grant Munro

Lonely Water (YouTube)
1973, d. Jeff Grant

"Overjoyed" (YouTube)
2011, d. Courtney Phillips

"Bad Blood" (YouTube)
2012, d. Olivier Groulx 

"Flaws" (YouTube)
2012, d. Austin Peters 

"Pompeii" (YouTube)
2013, d. Jesse John Jenkins

"Laura Palmer" (YouTube)
2013, d. Austin Peter
2013, d. Dave Ma

1987, d. John Smith

Sungazer (Vimeo On Demand, $2.50 rental)
2020, d. Perry Ruhland

Genesis (UbuWeb)
1988, d. Peter Rose

the Blazing World (Amazon Prime)
2018, d. Carlson Young

Outer Space (YouTube)
1999, d. Peter Tscherkassky

Darkened Room (YouTube)
2002, d. David Lynch


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